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Mercer County Public Records

Mercer county Illinois as well as other lower level governments are responsible for processing a large portion of the state's public record requests. The county clerk is put in charge of recording, storing and providing official documents. Vital records, local arrests and warrants, real estate information, liens and many public other records are only available with county departments and divisions.

Mercer County Courts
Mercer county courts and the majority of cases in Illinois are heard in county Circuit courts, they are also the custodians of a great number of requested records. Legal professionals as well as individuals can access a number of requested civil and criminal case files, civil unions, divorces, dockets, calendar and status of proceedings.
  • Mercer County Criminal and Civil Court Records
    Criminal records, divorces and other civil cases and filings.
  • Mercer County Circuit Clerk's Office
    Civil Cases, records and information of General and Limited jurisdiction.
  • Mercer County Case Search
    Search case and court filings in Mercer County.
  • Mercer County Public Defender
    Criminal defense.
    129 E Main St
    P.O. Box 207
    Aledo IL 61231-0207
  • Mercer County State's Attorney's Office
    Criminal prosecution in the county of Mercer.
    100 SE 3rd St
    Aledo IL 61231
  • Mercer County Circuit Judge
    Fourteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois.
  • Mercer County Correctional Facility
    County jail facilities.
  • Mercer County Coroner
    County death investigation.
    607 South West 9th Street
    Aledo, IL 61231
    (309) 582-7756
  • Mercer County Child Support
    Court orders and child support payments.
    2011 N. Knoxville Avenue
    Peoria, Illinois 61603-2414


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